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1600MaH Battery in the Thunderbolt

The only problem I've had so far with my Thunderbolt is the very soft battery life. Even with Juice Defender, its pretty bad. I was looking into the 1600MaH battery for it. The problem is, I want to buy the Otterbox for it when released and I doubt the case will fit if the battery adds to the thickness. In addition, I'm not sure if it would be worth it for 200MaH more. Has anyone bought this battery? If so, what kind of improvements to batterylife does it have and does it add any thickness to the phone?
Not sure what battery your talking about as I do not recall a 1600 being available. There's a 1650, 1700, 2750 and a new 3200. The 2750 and 3200 need a different hump back cover as they are larger then the OEM. The 1650 and 1700 fit under the OEM cover.

I use the 1700 from HTC Express / Chichitec and they last a bit longer then the 1400 OEM. You can search this forum for lots of feedback on the different sized batteries.
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Perhaps I was mistaken. I thought I recalled seeing one for sale as a battery for the Thunderbolt and Mytouch. But I'll look into those batterys. 1700Mah is more appealing, especially if it fits under the stock back cover

I think you are correct, I do recall seeing a 1600 Mytouch battery which does indeed fit the Tbolt. I would however look into the 1700's. People have been getting some good deals on them through ebay. They sell in a set of 2 batteries with a wall charger. I paid around $45 when they came out and now you can find deals in the $20 to $30 range. Not bad for what you get.
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Is the 1700 from HTC express a legit 1700? Worth the $$ ?

Great question, unfortunately there is no answer to that question. No one with the appropriate equipment has tested and posted results.

Many of us that purchased and use these batteries feel that they are better then the OEM. I'm not convinced they are a full 1700mAh but they do last a bit longer then the OEM battery. From my own testing, I'd say I get about 15% more life per charge out of them. That would make them around 1610mAh based on the 1400mAh OEM battery. My testing however was based on keeping track of my personal use and is very unscientific. More of a guess.

For the price that they have been going for on Ebay, they are worth the small investment. Plus, you'll have an extra battery for those times that one is not enough to get you through the day.
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