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2.1 and Text messaging.


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Dec 2, 2009
Ok so I know this is a known issue but is there anything I can do at all? This is the only complaint i have since upgrading to 2.1 but its a pretty big one. I have tired default messenger and handcent and still get the "Not delivered" message althought it was delivered. Yes I did the *228 thing also. Any other app, or fix I could do?
Only solution so far is to *uninstall* Handcent (not just disable it) and try the stock messaging app or ChompSMS instead. Chomp isn't in the market yet, so you have to download it from chompSMS.

I have been using chomp before and after 2.1, no issues at all. 1.5 and 2.1 still can't send pic messages to iphones with any messaging app though
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