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2.1 OTA and sdcard MISERY


Mar 14, 2010
I've had the 2.1 OTA since Sunday... and I'm just realizing that I can't write to the sdcard reliably ... camera can take pictures and store them there but Astro can't create any folders or delete any files - Handcent can no longer save MMS cause it too isn't 'allowed' to modify the sdcard it seems.

I've removed the card, reformatted it on a pc, restored files, reformatted the sdcard in the phone... android can write .footprints folders and crap but apps I want to have read/write modify the sdcard seemed blocked. :(

wtf It's like a permission problem but the sdcard is formatted fat and that's not it... could the /sdcard mount point be hosed? Phone is plain old OTA 2.1 never rooted, etc :thinking:

Help... thanks..
I wonder if this is related to a problem I'm having. Using Google's listen. It can't download podcasts since the OTA. Says, "Error (/sdcard/com.google.android.apps.listen/downloads/...)" Wonder if it can't access the SD card to store the audio file?

Ok, sad but true - I uninstalled both Handcent and Astro, powered off the phone (just to be paranoid) and then re-downloaded/installed both and now they can access the sdcard fine

Perhaps the programs themselves didn't have proper ownership or some nonsense...
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Did you do a factory reset? I would suggest it VERY much. It may fix all of these kinds of problems. I can't believe there are people that are using the phone after just doing the upgrade, that just doesn't go smoothly for any OS.


Agreed it might but couple things - I couldn't do any backups to my sdcard cause the stupid issue with Astro not being able to write and also a bunch of other settings I was avoiding loosing... Also, I tried the above to clear the cache and for some reason my screen didn't look as described just adding to my nervousness :)
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msjulie, I hear your pain.

After the OTA, my phone and my wife's phone were having practically every one of the problems posted on the boards including not being able to move or rename files on my SD card; this despite having cleared the cache partition on each phone prior to OTA.

BTW, I finally gave in and did the factory reset and noticed immediately all problems were gone.
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