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2.1 Random HTC Screen


Well-Known Member
Dec 31, 2009
Madison, Wi
Both my Hero, and my uncles Hero are getting random "reboots" after the 2.1 update. I guess it's not really a reboot... The phone will just randomly go to the all white screen that has HTC in the middle of it. It'll sit there for 10-15 seconds, and then complete the function you asked it to do. For instance... on my "People" widget. I clicked on a picture to make a call. It went to the white HTC screen. After about 15 seconds, it began to make my call.

Anyone else experiencing this? Any resolution?!

My uncle has reinstalled 2.1, and is still getting this frequently. I've shut down and restarted a couple of times, and I seem to not get it as often.


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