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Help 2.2 EVO Bluetooth Problem - Audio Cuts Out!

I have an original jawbone and it works fine for the most part, however if someone else calls while I'm already on a call (call waiting), my jawbone speaker cuts out. The other caller can hear me just fine however, and to bring it back, I have to toggle the bluetooth headset audio off then on again and it's fine. This is a very annoying bug. I have a Jabra headset and a Jawbone II which I'm going to try to see if the same thing happens.
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This is wonderful.
Called HTC for the third time. They put me on hold, then came back and told me that, because the Bluetooth connects, and I am able to hear part of the conversation, there is nothing they can do!!! They said they cannot guarantee Bluetooth will work!!!

Can you believe that???

"Hey, buy our products. we just can't guarantee they will work!"

Great business philosophy

So I proved to them it is their product at fault and not the different ear pieces I've tried. And it only started AFTER Froyo.

And they basically told me to go frack myself.
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