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Help 2.3.6 Wifi Isusses


Dec 24, 2011
Alright, my Nexus S does not seem to be connecting to wifi properly. I am based in the UK but am in Singapore at the moment so I am not turning on Data Roaming because I cant afford a 10 Billion dollar roaming bill.

Anyway, when I first arrived my phone connected to the Wifi perfectly and began to transfer data (got onto Facebook and what not) and the little Wifi symbol was full bars and green.

I have an old iPhone I use with a local SIM card when I am out and about in order to be a cheapo, but I came back to find my Nexus S not connecting to the wifi. Normally if my phone is on sleep it takes a few seconds for the Wifi to switch itself on and go from White to Green. Except it wont go from white to green, it stays as White meaning I have no access to the internet on my phone.

Model Number: Nexus S
Android Version: 2.3.6
Baseband Version: I9023XXF1
Kernel Version:
android-build@apa28 #1
Build Number:GRK39F
Mobile Carrier: Vodafone UK

Any suggestions how to fix this?

Thanks in advance


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