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Help 2 Kies questions


Sep 10, 2011
Hi all,

Just made the switch from iPhone to GS2 and need some help with Kies, if you would be so kind.

Question 1)

Is there a way to stop old episodes of podcasts showing up again when you update the feed? This is very frustrating, and makes kies unusable for me.

If not, can anyone recommend a PC based podcast client similar to iTunes that will work with this phone? Is there maybe a way for me to just continue using iTunes? I subscribe to over 20 podcasts, so device-based management like stitcher is not an option.

Question 2)

I cannot get my device to show up using wifi. Any help for this?

I think the problem may be that my PC is connected to the router with a cable instead of wirelessly.

Thanks in advance!


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