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2D Games By Freak X


Dec 19, 2013
Hi I have launched a new tank game…published same game on google play also

Install from here
Super Tank Mania [Game]


Its a simple game....a war between our military tank and enemy army tanks….super tank mania game is all about a battle in which you just need to shoot enemies and collect coins…Increase your super tank game score by collecting coins…and shoot enemy military tanks to make your high score...so try this new super game...SUPER TANK MANIA
HI, i have made a new and published to google play store.... here is the info

Google Play Link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freakx.aliengalaxywar&hl=en


Desc : War In Galaxy between aliens and our spaceship has been started...so get ready to shoot all enemy aliens and save your space galaxy... all you need to do is end this war by destroying all these aliens and save your galaxy.... so in this galaxy war you get cool new powers against aliens and collect stars to earn more points in your galaxy....So lets start this war....

Features - √ New Powers
√ Simple to play
√ Rich graphics
√ Available for Android Phone and Tablet
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Made a new game Helicopter Air Combat

Here is the google play url - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freakx.helicopteraircombat&hl=en


So freak x apps released its 4th game Helicopter air combat.... so by its name air combat of helicopter has begun...so your helicopter is of army and you need to shoot all other enemies helicopters...in this air combat we have added two powers one is bomb which will destroy all enemies at once...another is electic power which will give a power to your helicopter with more shooting bullets...so start this air combat....cheers!!

Features - √ Addictive game play
√ Rich graphics
√ Simple control - easy to learn and play
√ Anyone Can Play
√ Available for Android Phone and Tablet

Please play and review the game
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Made a new game Fire Angry Dragons

Here is the google play url - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freakx.fireangrydragons&hl=en


Fire Angry Dragons - Here We Present our fifth instalment of games...Fire angry Dragons is a cute game targeting kids as well as adults too...its a very simple game in which your cute dragon have to fire all those angry dragons which are coming towards you and you have to collect coins, Golden Eggs and Shields as a power...Graphics of fire angry dragons are cute so your kid gonna love this one... So Get Ready and ride on your dinosaur...

Features -
√ Simple to play
√ Cute graphics
√ Golden Eggs N Shields
√ Available for Android Phone and Tablet

Please Play and let me know....hows the game... Suggestions are welcome
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Released another new game Squirrel On Iceland

Here is the google play url - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freakx.squirreloniceland&hl=en


Description - A Cute Little Squirrel Stuck on Iceland...Help her to collect more n more Acorn/Nuts....on this iceland

squirrel will face some enemies also like crocodile/alligator and seal...Squirrel need to collect golden acorn/nut to

destroy enemies...On this iceland squirrel will find a sleigh also collect sleigh to get a cool ride and destroy all the

enemies....so lets start this fun ride game Squirrel on iceland...

Features -
√ For Kids Also
√ Rich graphics
√ Fun To Play
√ Available for Android Phone and Tablet

Any comments, suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Released another new game RUN RAT TO CHEESE

Here is the google play url - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freakx.runrattocheese


Description - Run Rat To Cheese - Your Cute rat need to collect more and more cheese...help your rat to collect cheese but you have

to beware of fat and slip cats... while running you will get skate board also .. which will increase your rat speed..... on the way

you can collect bomb also which will collect all cheese that time and will destroy cats too...so make your rat run and start this

cute little game which is made for you and your cute little kid...GO RUN AND GET THE CHEESE!!!

Features -
√ Easy game play
√ Cute graphics
√ Simple control - easy to learn and play
√ Anyone Can Play
√ Available for Android Phone and Tablet

Any comments, suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi...Released another new game ALIENS WORLD

Google Play Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freakx.aliensworld


Description : Welcome to aliens world...by its name you are in the aliens world and you need to save your world from bad aliens which came from other planet...press fire button to shoot enemy aliens....jump to collect as much as coins you can...in this game you will get many powers like stars, cars which will boost your game...its a simple game for you and can played by your kids also...so save your planet and start this cool new game....ALIENS WORLD !!

Any comments, suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Released another new game COWBOY SHOOT ZOMBIES

Here is the google play url - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freakx.cowboyshootzombies


Description - Cowboy shoot zombies - A New game by freak x apps...As by name you are the cowboy and you have to kill all those bad evil zombies...you got a revolver to shoot them... collect grenade to burst all zombies together..as you are a cowboy in the game you will get the chance to ride on a horse too. So collect as much as coin and shoot more and more zombies to make your own highscore...so lets start and be a ultimate cowboy... SHOOT THEM!!

Features -
Addictive game play
Rich graphics
Simple controls
Anyone Can Play
Available for Android Phone and Tablet

Any comments, suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Here comes a new game by freak x apps "JET BATTLE FIGHTING"

Here is the google play url - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freakx.jetbattlefighting


Here Comes a new game by Freak X apps JET BATTLE FIGHTING....game is raw battle fighting based where your jet need to shoot all enemies jets...In this battle you will have to collect bombs, power bombs and new cool powers...its a simple fighting game for kids as well as adults..So Lets start and destroy all the jets and win this battle fighting...

Features -
v Simple Touch TO Play
v For Adults As Well As Kids
v Cool Graphics
v Available for Android Phone and Tablet

Any comments, suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Here comes a new game by freak x apps "JUMPING ANGRY APE"

Here is the google play url - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freakx.jumpingangryape


Jumping Angry Ape is a simple game about ape who is jumping and collecting coins....It's a cool freeze place full of machines...your angry ape have to jump through that machines.....So go on and play this Cool graphic game which contains cool powers that make jumping angry ape more interesting....So lets start this cool jumping game with your angry ape.....

Features -
√ Interesting Game Play
√ Available For Phones and tablets
√ Single TOuch To PLay
√ Cool Rich Graphics
√ Specially For Kids

Any comments, suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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A cool new android game by Freak x apps "Bike Ride Mania"

Google Play URL - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freakx.bikeridemania


So Here we present a dashing game "Bike Ride mania". Its a cool game for all types of users you will get a cool ride on dashing bike. All you need

to sit back n relax just collect coins get some cool powers like bombs and boost to speed up. While on a cool bike ride you have to jump through

cars also. Bike ride mania game targets kids as well as adults will also have fun playing this game. So start lets start this mania by riding on

Cool dashing bike...

Features -
v Available For Phones and tablets
v One Touch To PLay
v Cool Graphics
v For all type of Users
v Anyone Can Play

Any comments, suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Touch the Boost Button To speed up your cool car - Car Speed Booster

Google Play URL - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freakx.carspeedbooster


Car Speed Booster - Its time to drive a speed car...its a new cool car game where you need to control your car on a single touch. So start collecting coins, avoid other cars get some cool powers like bombs and shields... Everytime After Collecting 25 Coins you will get a chance to speed up by booster button. So its just simple touch to play for adults and kids. Press the booster and speed up the game !!

Features -
1.Simple Touch To Play
2.Boost Button
3.For Kids and Adults Too
4.Runs on Android Phones and tablets
5.Clean Graphics

Any comments, suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Jump Boy Jump is a new platform game with Cute Graphics and Addictive Game Play

Google Play URL - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freakxapps.jumpboyjump


Lets start playing a cool new jumping game "Jump Boy Jump" with cute sounds and rich graphics. Its a platform game where

your boy need to jump through platforms and collect as much as coin you can. Jump Boy Jump is a level game with every

level the game will get more and more difficult. The plus point of Jump Boy Jump is that it is targeted for adults and

kids also. So start running on beach and jump on platforms and make your high score on every level.

Features -
1.Cute Graphics Theme
2.For Kids and Adults Too
3.Single touch to play
4.Addictive Game Play
5.Fun To Play

Any comments, suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Google Play URL - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=game.freakx.ninja.punch&hl=en


So this is the revenge time for all those devil ninjas who are back to destroy the city which you need to save. They will attack with blades and weapons so your ninja

need to jump and punch back the blades to them. With very nice graphics and cool sound effects freak x apps presents ninja punch. So start jumping and punching all

blades back to devil ninjas.

Features Include:
- Simple Touch To Play
- Ninjas
- Available on Android phones and tablets
- Endless mode

Please Comment on gameplay or graphics how you liked it?
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Tap the screen jump your square and dont touch white ones

Google Play URL - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=game.freakx.dont.touch.white.square


Here we get a new game Don't Touch White Square its a plain 2 color game with clean UI. You need to tap the screen to make jump your square and as per game title Dont Touch White Square. This game is for everyone to make it more interesting we have added cool sound effects. After every squares block you will get one point added to your score so go high as much as you can make your high score and just remember Don't Touch White Square .

Features in Dont Touch White Square

- Plain Colors game
- Clean Graphics
- Targets to everyone
- Addictive Game Play

Please Comment on gameplay or graphics how you liked it?
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Super Heroes were born to take stand against super villains

Google Play URL - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=game.freakx.superheroesfight


Welcome to the super world where all people used to live happily until super villains has attacked. To save the world from super

villains somebody has to stand against them.So this way super heroes were born to fight against all super villains.In different city

super villains have planted different types of obstacles where super heroes have to cross them and fight with super villains.

So the game is easy a single touch to play.

12 Worlds are there in every world difficulty level will increase.

Some cool powers can be buy by coins which you collect on the way.

Two Characters - Super Hero and Super Girl.

So Complete all levels and fight against super villains.


Please Comment on gameplay or graphics how you liked it?
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IPL Quiz 2015

Simple to difficult quiz about Indian Premier League 2015

Google Play URL - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freakx.ipl.quiz


So Indian Premier League 2015 is back with its 8th season and we came up with a cool ipl quiz 2015.

So its simple to difficult quiz there are plenty of question. Each level has 10 questions and you need make 80% correct answer to

cross the level.

With a quiz feature this app also have a option to learn about ipl seasons.

In this IPL Quiz you will get questions about 2015 ipl and also about the previous seasons of Indian Premier League.So first think and

then press the right answer.

Do you know everything about IPL ??

Are you a real fan of IPL ??

So Let see how you answer these questions...

Please Comment on gameplay or graphics how you liked it?
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A Battle between pirate ships on blue icy ocean

Battle Of ocean is a game where you have a pirate ship and you have to compete with other enemy pirates ships.So its kind a racing game where you have to collect coins to make score. There is a fuel icon also which will increase the time of the game when you collect it then you can play more and make your own high score. The theme of game is blue so racing area of ships where the racing is a icy ocean. So with nice graphics and addictive game play you gonna love battle of ocean.

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Mushroom Fall


Welcome to the mushroom world.. mushroom fall is very cute platform game where you have get down.

Just fall down deeper and deeper using controls. With cute graphics and cool sounds mushroom fall game play is more interesting.
Collect coins and beware of the flying bats. You get cool awesome powers also to fight against your enemy.

Collect cute small mushrooms to increase the speed of your player.
Collect Bomb and touch bomb icon against the flying bats.
After collecting some small mushrooms and coins you will get surprise power like flying shield or freeze screen.

So enough about the game lets start playing it by falling the mushroom :)

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