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Root [2nd Gen] Kindle Fire Non HD


Android Enthusiast
Apr 15, 2011
Ok, so I have had this thing for about a year and for at least 4 months of it I've been trying to root this thing. I can't find ANY method that works to root it. It's not the first gen just so we are clear. It's the model right before the HD. And I believe it's running the 10. whatever version. Lol.

I have searched xda and on here. Does anyone know a GOOD WORKING method? The one that runs the fire fire fire utility works until that point and then it won't continue after that. I left it alone for over an hour one time to make sure I want being impatient. I have even gone to the extent of looking on a kindle only forum and still had no luck. I do my research on things before I root and seriously I've come up empty with this one. Please please help!?


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