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Root 3D games!!


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Jul 16, 2012
Southern Cali
I saw my friend play 3D games on his sprint evo 3d. So now I want in on some 3D gaming, just for the kicks. Well, I'm on mobters rom, is there anything I can do so that I can play games like spiderman mayhem in 3d? I don't really know much about tweaking my evo, I just flash roms and that's all I know. But let me know if its possible to play 3d games using this rom.
Here's a great list of 3d apps/games found on the Play Store.
They seem to be hit or miss with me, so good luck.

Gameloft has a great selection of 3d games that work really well (in Gingerbread... keep reading) but they must be purchased through Gameloft's wap website with an Evo 3d build.prop. Chances are if you're on a custom rom you've got the right build.prop already but just make sure when buying the game it will specifically say the game is in 3d. If it's not obvious, it's not. The Play Store will let you buy the games but they give you the 2d versions. I've discovered even once you get the 3d games though, that they don't all have ICS support since they were made for the Evo 3d on Sprint with Gingerbread (they boot but crash when using multi-touch in ICS). The workaround I'm using is dual-booting a Sprint Gingerbread rom just for playing Gameloft games using Boot Manager, found in the Play Store and outlined here:
Good luck!
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Do they work on the EVO V without a hassle, I'm going to try all this out later. What games does ea offer in 3d, and what is their website?

Yeah they work pretty well although I have difficulty with 3d driving games because the viewing angle is so small that when you tilt the phone you lose the effect and start seeing double. As for the website Google is your friend.
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