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3rd Eris SIG problems


Jan 11, 2010
I am now waiting for my 3rd eris to come from Verizon. I have had major signal issues. I am on major highways in NJ and the phone only has 2 bars. Wifes Blackberry has full sig at home i have one bar. Both phones i have had have been like this. I never get a full signal any where I am. Has anyone had signal issues with the eris
I am fairly certain that the number of bars is not an indication of signal strength. My phone rarely shows a full signal, often shows 0 bars (though never the "x", meaning no signal), and whenever I make or receive a call in those circumstances, it always works just fine. In fact, my phone is more reliable as a phone than my Moto Q9m was, which always showed more bars of signal.
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Ok, -99 dBm is bad signal. Not sure why you would be getting such a poor signal when your wife still has one. I would compare your dBm with your wife's (no idea how on her phone) and see if it is really all that different. As long as you are having problems though, I would keep telling Verizon and getting another phone.

that is considered a good signal ?
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