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Help 4.1.2 update

My phone received the 4.1.2 update this morning. Unfortunately, the gallery app was disabled. The app kept freezing and in trying to fix it, I disabled it. I thought I had lost it. From this forum, I found out it was still there, so enabled it, but after the update.
From reading about the update, an update to the gallery was one of the main things it had. Is there some way I can download and install the update again? My phone, of course, says there are no new updates available.
Similar problem. I have a sprint gs3 - updated to jelly bean a while ago. Today while my daughter was showing me pics on her phone I noticed that her gallery was different - my phone says I have version 4.1.2 but i dont have the gallery update...is my only option a factory reset?
Thanks in advance for any help!

Sometimes a factory reset helps when you update the OS/Firmware.
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