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4.2 GAPPS for LG Lucid [Thank Connorh333!!!]


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Apr 20, 2013
Thank Connorh333 for this, I decided to make it a thread for those having trouble/so people can see it.

This has only been tested for CyanogenMod 10 B3.
It has worked.
Either way make a backup in CWM.
If anything should go wrong, only you are responsible.

What you need:

- An LG Lucid.
- Root Access in the LG Lucid.
- ClockWorkMod Recovery (Not sure if they have TWRP for the Lucid, but it is also untested, but out of common sense it should work.)

1. Flash/Reflash B3
- It will keep your stuff, no need to wipe the cache, dalvik cache, or factory reset.

2. Flash the 4.2 GAPPS [Thank Connorh333 for the GAPPS and link.]

3. Get a system app uninstaller, uninstall Google Search and uninstall GALLERY!
- Delete the gallery .apk and Google Search. (/system/app)
- Delete them and uninstall them if you must.
- Google Search won't be named 'Googlesearch.apk' or anything similar, just look for the logo.
- Recommend System App Uninstaller click here.

4. Goto Google Play, re-install Google Search.

5. Install the Gallery2.apk

Enjoy 4.2 GAPPS.

Once again thank Connorh333!!!
A quote from Connorh333: "I did not create these gapps, all credit goes to Garner at xda-developers"
Make sure to thank Garner at xda-developers!
reflashed gapps and gmail works right this time, now the issue is with gallery/camera, I uninstalled gallery with titanium backup, when i tried to install gallery 2 it wouldn't install due to "an exsiting package with same signature" went to system/app and tried to delete the apk file, and it won't delete, and it won't allow gallery 2 to be moved to the system/app folder
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Uhhh does anyone know how to make the camera app in 4.2 work right? The thing is about to make me go postal. I try to take a picture and the circle appears with two small arcs inside but won't take the photo. If people are in the photo I usually have to center the circle on one person before it will take the photo, or I end up hitting the button two or three times then it'll take rapid fire photo's (however many times I've hit the button). Is there a setting to make the darn thing take the photo when you press the darn button....?
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