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Help 4g isn't showing up


Oct 8, 2012
Just got my new phone in the mail today, and the 4g has never come on. Something similar happened to a connect I had four months ago. I was only getting 1x. At that time I took it to corporate and they wanted to tell me the same thing I was told today, that I used it up. Come to find out 4g wasn't even on. So they, did something in their computer and put 4g on.

So, just came from a regular Metro store, and the guy wanted to tell me I used all the 250mb. I just switched to the plan today. Before I was using a basic candy bar presto phone. I was on wifi prior to leaving the house, and once off it never said 4g. So he's trying to tell me that 250 mb would only last 5 minutes on 4g (Ironically the same amount of time I was off wifi,) while the phone said I only used 7.5 mb. Im switching to the unlimited plan when my bill cycle restarts on Saturday, if anyone was wondering. So I asked him if it shows on the store computer if I used 4g and he said "No." And told me it should be okay once I switch to the unlimited.

Honestly I feel its the same thing as with the connect, that it wont say it and will have to go in. Any advice?
When you look at your account online and your device list does it show your phone and your sim card?

The problem I and several others encountered when not being able to receive 4G is that our SIM card was never activated, hence no 4G. So if you don't see it in your device list in your online account then its not activated and that's why no 4G. The best way to get it solved is to chat with a metro rep online or you can try giving them a call.
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Best way is to chat with someone and tell them you want you want them to activate your SIM (ICCID) card. You have to be very forceful with these people as most of them have absolutely no idea what they're doing/what they're talking about. And if they just say oh its activated without having you read off the numbers they're lying.
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I had a similar problem. I activated my phone and everything was great except for the fact that I never got a 4g connection. I waited a few days and called metropcs and went through the whole reprogramming thing. That didn't help so they started a trouble ticket. I waited a few more days and decided to check on them. I noticed that there was a live chat option on metropcs.com (log in and click on my account, then look on the right hand side of the screen). The live chat guy was way more knowledgeable than anyone I got on the phone. He asked for my iccid (sim card #) and then had me reboot the phone. 4g popped up instantly.
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