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4g Live in Pittsburgh tonight

Got to work this morning (Pittsburgh North Shore) and I'm getting 2-3/3 bars in 4G, but my download speeds are horrible. I got a couple 3mbps tests, but most are <1mbps. 3G is actually much faster and consistent. I'm hoping it will get better in the next weeks, but this is a major disappointment considering I was in Washington D.C. last month and was getting over 5mbps.
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The best selling point about 4G is not necessarily the speed increase, but rather that you can talk and use internet at same time. Currently, no other service will allow dual connections like that and from what I have seen, there is no drop in speed while doing the same thing. I hooked up in Pitsburgh via bluetooth to my car stereo head unit, called someone and talked for a while, the whole time surfing the web at a great speed, I did not do a speed test, but most pages were definatley 3G speed. To me, that is worth the little extra money. How many times have you been talkin to someone and it come up and you want to look something up on the net, and have to call them back after you find it. This rocks!
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I was having problems last night sending text messages while on 4G. I had to disconnect back to 3G in order to send it. I think I'm just leaving my 4G off until Sprint announces Pittsburgh as "live" because it just isn't ready to actually use at this point. My download speeds range from 500 kbps to 3 mbps on 4G while 3G is a steady 2+mbps, text messaging isn't working with 4G connected. I understand that there is the surf while talking advantage, but honestly, the only time I want to do that I'm connected to wifi at home anyway. Any other time I'm driving, so its not really practical.
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