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Help 5 Home Screens and i cant remove them!! Please help


Nov 10, 2011

My old Galaxy S2 on Orange UK was perfect, i could delete unused home screens and i customized it exactly how i wanted it.

However today i had to have my phone replaced under warranty as the touch screen became unresponsive in places.

The phone they have sent me obv has different software on it because i dont like it and i cant customize it!!!! :-(

My first problem is that i never had on my old phone was I now have 5 home screens and a orange scroll bar accross the bottom.
I dont use widgets or any of that crap, i use 1 home screen with 4 icons on and everything else is organized in folders in the APP screen.

However i cant remove them. If i hold them down all i get is a "Add to Homescren" window with the following listed:

Orange Widgets
Orange Shortcuts
Android Widgets
Android Shortcuts

If i press the menu button on said screens, i get

All programs
Add to homescreen

By defualt it also opens straight to the 3rd (middle) screen of the 5.

I have no trash bin to drag them down to like my previous phone.

Somebody please help me and tell me how to get rid of them?

This is an example of 1 of the 5 home screen i have with the orange vertical scroll bar.

This is the menu that appears when i hold 1 of the unwanted home screens down

These are the options when press the menu button on 1 of these screens

This is the only screen i want

This is what happens when i drag 1 of the bottom icons up/down, but i cant do anything with them

Also another thing - on my old G2 on the Apps screen i could create folders and put all the apps in them.

Suprise suprise now i cant - There is no edit option on the menu bar within the app sceeen

Shown here:

I can add folders to the home screen but it doesnt move the apps off the APP screen.

Getting angry now :-(
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GOT IT!!!!

Piece of crap.

Orange had put an Icon in the APPS called Homescreen.

In there i could choose between the Orange theme (5 screens) or the Samsung screen, which once swapped to i could delete the homescreens and customize how i want!

Damn Orange - go to hell.


Good to see that you managed to solve it. Looks like Orange has packed extra bloatware.
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