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6 Apps Showing under system apps named "Filled"...


Jan 13, 2021
Title sums its up, I looked at my app list the other day and on the "show system apps" tab there are 6 identical program in a row all named "filled". I can't figure out if thats malware named filled or if android system is set to do something, like I said, I just don't know. I'm on an unlocked A50 if that helps, Android 10. Has anyone else come across this? This doesn't really even seem like something Samsung would do and I can confirm they were not on there when the phone was purchased. Appreciate any input!

As far as the info if I click on them there is no new info. All are 32.77KB, a force stop on each was done but nothing visual happened.

Quick update - All the Apps show 65.54KB of data used now so it has done something since I looked at it today. I could really use some help. Thanks again!


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system apps are just that. malware is a different thing. in order for malware to infect your system apps, your phone would need to be rooted. and there is a very specific process and there are no apps or tools that can root a phone on the fly without anyone noticing.....just does not happen this way.

people who see something or if something happens they cant explain tend to always go the route of "my phone is hacked" or "my phone has a virus".......just relax your phone is fine no need to worry about those system apps.
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