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7 months after the xperia play release, how do you rate the gaming?


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Jul 22, 2011
Action Games:

Action games especially 3rd person , beat em ups and top down is where the dual analog touchpad shines the most. The controls are perfect especially on 3D enviroments where the D-Pad is too cut and dry when you want precision.


None. I dont do much casual gaming.


Again the xperia play shines the most here with its d-pad control and shoulder buttons. If your a fighter fan you know how important those shoulder pads are.


Havent tried none yet.


Havent tried none yet.

Role playing:

Another genre where the xperia play shines the most. If you played RPG games with a touchscreen, the different commands and swipes feels confusing when a button solves it all.


Although better than the psp, ds, ipod touch. Developers cant seem o get the touchpads right . Either the touchpads repond to slow or it just stops reponding.




Not a big fan.


Havent tried none yet.
I'm having a blast with mine.

Emulators are super fun, but a lot of great games have come out with xperia play optimized controls.

My favorite ones right now are
Death Work
They Need To Be Fed

I have about 20 games installed on my PLAY, not including emulators. I am also probably gonna get Galaxy On Fire 2, and am looking forward to the new Need for Speed.
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I love it so far. I have a lot of emus(SNES, NES, PSX, GBA, GBC) and have been playing Mega Man X(to me, this wins it).

I have also played NOVA 2, Asphalt 6, Crash Banicoot, and it seems pretty flawless to me.

Also, I took advantage of Gameloft's promotion this weekend, so I have about 7 more games to play. This phone is the best. Thinking about waiting for next Playstation Certified phone for upgrade.
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