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A Big Hello from a Newbie!

I would like to say hello to everyone on this forum. I am looking forward to a bounty of facts and information about android that I hope I will find here. I have moved from a Sony Ericsson K750i straight to a HTC Wildfire. I never felt the need to have a fancy mobile phone, couldn't understand why my kids and friends were phone addicts, swapping their phones on an almost weekly basis. I would visit a friend and find myself sitting there with only a cup of coffee for company while they were immersed in an unknown world exclusive to themselves. Anyway, I realise now, after just two weeks with my new smartphone. Got to say I am jealous of my partner, who has a HTC desire, superior to mine, but hey, mine is just so cute. I have now become a selfish, insular phone user, complaints from said partner are already ringing in my ears, but I have fallen in love, very hard and fast, so I can't help myself, can I?


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