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A few questions before I buy!


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May 21, 2010
Hi all, I have a few questions regarding "issues" I have heard about. Whilst I have seen them touched upon in other threads, they seem to attract people that actually have the problem so it is hard to gauge how widespread the problem is.

Speaker Volume
I have heard that the external speaker is very quiet and hard to hear. I don't mind so much about the external speaker, provided you can still hear when someone rings you. Have people found this to be a problem? Also, some people say even when using headphones the volume is just too low - is this a common theme?

High Resolution and existing apps
I am aware that the Desire has a high resolution screen than most other android phones. What does this mean for apps? Do they upscale to fill the extra pixels? Or do you end up with big black borders. Are they evening compatible?

I don't really plan to play many graphic intensive games on this device, but I am interested in performance. I understand that the Desire has a very fast processor, but it also has a high resolution screen - in theory, is it the case that the Desire performs worse with games as it has to process a more pixels?

Battery Life
Despite all the negative views expressed on this board, performance seems to be what one would expect on such a device. Is it true that the battery gets better after a few charges? Or is is the case you just use the device less?
1. I have no trouble hearing the external speaker. When I set a countdown timer, I have to rush to turn it off, because it's very very loud.

2. I haven't encountered any apps that didn't look right, so either I've been lucky, or there's no issue.

4. I'm not actually sure. I have gained some battery time by tweaking some settings, but it's very hard to say for sure why it gets better without tweaking. All I know is that it did. Mine was at 50% left when I went to bed last night.
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