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A little more exposer..

Truth to be told:
Now I have turned off all my bg apps running, so I keep my Moto z 2 turbo idle for that time, so I leave it on sometimes up to eleven hours on accident, mind you, I am somewhat ocd of turning off my cellphones and tablets, oh every four hours, but with the tablet, I tend to leave a bit longer since it does not over heat as much. (Except for when it is charging, something with the usb port itself.. A little issue, but none the less it works pretty flowery), It drains the battery automatically, I do not have any apps open or any of that nature what so ever, usually I automatically turn off the bg apps running, it has been ages since I did read upon moto z turbo, but can you refresh my memory on what I can do to help it have the battery last longer? So yeah but that battery seem to idle some more though, given that fact, I have turned it off for about a few months or so, and still saids around eighty percent.

So any clues on how this can over heat, even with the Moto Edge Plus I have, it over heats so much towards the speaker with the edges themselves..
Like it will get down around 70 percent over time, and I think it does not drain so much at all, no apps running in the background, oh gmail, textra, Simple notepad plus, uptimer, Phonax, my email, Deep L language barrier speak, youtube music youtube, twitter, terabox, play books, balance, drops (language app),
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