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Help a newbie having a problem with her galaxy. PLZ help!


Feb 25, 2010
1.) Model Number - Galaxy
2.) Firmware Version - 1.5
3.) Baseband Version - I7500XXIG7
4.) Kernel Version - 2.6.27
Telenor, Serbia

Hello everyone,

few days ago i've got this phone and did few stupid things with it...

since i'm a second user of the phone, i've already had contacts and someones gmail synced ("don't ask me how could he leave all contacts and gmail account there"). i deleted all manually and just imported mine from the sim card; i didn't know how to log out from gmail although he gave me his password in order to help... anyway i've searched the web and found that i have to clear all data from the google apps so i could only sign in with my account after that...

i did that in manage applications, and now a few problems occurred. first of all i can't sign up, i don't know why (Can't establish a reliable data connection to the server). i tried over and over again and nothing changed...

second problem are contacts which have been deleted with no possibility to enter anyone ("the process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.")

i don't have idea what to do since i'm new not only to android but to smartphones in general.

looking forward to any suggestion

tnx :)

p.s. ignore my stupidity with phones like this... :eek:
another useful information from you, thank you very much :) i appreciate that!

i agree with you about the battery matter, and i would like to flash but i'm not sure how and i don't want to make a few hundred euros worth brick :p

can you share a link with me where the step by step is explained ?

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