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A question about support reps locations for T-Mobile


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Feb 11, 2010
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I have a question...

When you call into t-mobile do you generally get someone who is foreign? This isn't meant to be racist by any means(i'm like tons of different races mixed together lol)

it seems every time i have an issue, i have to call in and i always get a representative that has an obvious language barrier with me...

However, today my brother and cousins BEGGED me to make my plan into a family plan

So i called Sales and order them a motorola cliq 2 and a g2 and this time i get a rep who sounds more american and there was no language barrier

my phone died, i called back and got another rep...same experience

so i guess what i am asking is...Do you have the experience i have had(foreign employees who half the time can't understand u or u cna't understand them in Customer service) but they don't have foreign people in telesales.

it's just annoying because i always end up arguing with a rep about this or that because i never can understand them.

LOL I FEEL SO BAD ASKING THIS AND I hope i didnt not offend anyone(Had the same issue with Sprint)
Hi carmendiva,I know what you mean, now days if you so much a mention race its a problem, its rediculas we cant speak freely without feeling the need to justify ourselves and like you I am the least racist person you will ever meet.In answer to your question, I also always get someone with an accent, luckely though they are always quite easy to understand and they understand me but yep I would gess the call center is abroad. I don't recognise the accent but it is always the same. Sounds a lot like a Philipino lady I work with, maybe its there?
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It depends, I think. I called in the other night and started out with a gentleman who I couldn't understand. He went to transfer me to another department and hung up on me. (After waiting 40 minutes to get someone, I was not pleased).Called back and got a lady with a southern accent, was transferred again and got what sounded like someone with a local dialect.There are call centers all over the States and some overseas so it's really customer service Russian roulette. It is annoying when you have a problem and the person on the other end can't understand you enough to try to fix it.
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@natnat, yeah I am probably the most liberal person i know. Love all races, gays, trannies, Skinny big or whatever LMAO etc etc ppl lmao are ppl....but it is sad that you can't ask a question without it being perceived as racist

@NJcellgeek74, yeah. I just sometimes don't understand how tmobile's customer service is so high. They aren't rude(Say like Sprint) but i have to constantly repeat(and politely yell lol) to make sure they hear my phone number or whatever...the language barrier is sometimes annoying lol.

But i'm glad to know, i am not the only one who has had this experience with tmobile's customer service
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Yeah, the Vibrant forum is probably the wrong place for this. But, if you have trouble understanding folks on the phone, you should try the T-Mo web site. You can change everything about your plan there; without ever having to speak with a person. If you have a problem with hardware, take it to a store. You have several options besides calling.
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I agree about the "perceived racist" stuff. That is just ridiculous we have been programmed to think that. And it is NOT by mistake. This is and was a carefully-planned social engineering.
It is NO MISTAKE that the 'profiling' stuff preceded 9/11.
Folks, you need to wake up before it is too late.
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Who you can reasonably expect to talk to when calling in to customer support:

Simply calling customer care for general account support:
Postpaid customers: someone in america.
Flex paid: 95% chance your call will be outsourced. If memory serves me there is one office in the US dedicated to flex pay support, I think it's in Texas.
Prepaid: outsourced to third party, cant remember if it's in country.

For activating, its all one big melting pot for post and flex pay. 50/50 to stay in the us.

Technical support is all in the us. I dont mean you call cc and say you have a busted phone, the people they transfer you to are within the us.

The numbers could have changed since i left in september.
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If you're flex pay and really want to talk to someone in the us:
When you are being transfered to cc, and there is music playing while you wait, if it's american music then youre staying in country. If the music gives you a distinct "who the funk would listen to this" feeling, you've been outsourced. Considering the low chance to score a US rep, it may take a while.
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yeah my dad always got american reps when he had tmobile

lol i had to call today for something.

I am trilingual(Spanish is technically my first language even though i speak english 100% of the time and i also speak italian) I just hate talking in spanish

so today i just spoke in spanish and it went flawlessly lol.
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