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? about where apps will install with SD card in phone


Android Expert
Feb 7, 2011
For those of you with this phone, and actually using it; I'm working with Shabbypenguin right now on trying to get a custom recovery going. I put my SD card, from my Motion 4G into the phone last night, and took this screen shot:

Does this mean that if SD card is selected as default, that all apps will install to the SD card and not the paltry internal memory? Have any of you encountered this yet?
I've never used that ROM, but I'm guessing that your default download location is the SD card, but app installation is still to the internal card. If that turns out to be the case (the ROM is probably rooted) install Link2SD and make the external card the default installation location.

This is actually the stock Alcatel ROM. It's rooted but that's all.
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