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Help Accelerometer fails on Samsung Captivate


Sep 18, 2010
My daughter noticed last Sunday that her accelerometer had suddenly quit. I ran some applications like google sky, bubble level and so forth and any feature that depends on orientation of the phone does not work.

I've tried removing the battery, same thing. I have not tried a factor reset yet. Will do that as soon as I get my daughter's stuff backed up.

Has anyone else seen this kind of spontaneous failure? Is it a software thing or has the hardware failed?

I've never had to consider a warranty repair on this thing before. I'm assuming they have a standard 1 year warranty.
Yeah, sounds like it could be a hardware issue, but try everything else before you send it in for warranty repair. I haven't see this issue before in an accelerometer, but all the ICs in this phone have the capability of a manufacturing defect in the chip itself or in mounting the chip to the board. It's better that it happened now rather than out of warranty.
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