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samsung captivate

  1. T

    Phone wont turn on at all

    Hello peaople, and thank you in advance for any help you may provide. I have a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate and I recently installed a custom rom on (Omnirom for 5.1.1 Lolliepop). It worked fine and the rom installed. then I went to install GAPPS to make google play work, I installed it seemingly...
  2. Jeffrey Fargarson

    Attention Captivate Fans

    Hello, I have a mint ATT Captivate (unlocked) with original box, spare batteries, stand charger (OEM) OtterBox, and all the original stuff that came with. I am wanting to sell these items, and thought it would be prudent to post it here. If anyone is interested, I can provide pictures of...
  3. AshleyQuick

    Root At a loss trying to Root this Captivate... :(

    Can someone please help?? I've tried the two following methods: http://androidforums.com/threads/guide-root-for-official-2-3-5-with-guide.483646/ All steps went smoothly but when I used Root Checker, it said I did not have root access...
  4. emshu

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10' Virus/Unrootable

    Hello, I've taken in to repair my friends tablet. Model is GT-P5100. The virus has root permissions (the tablet itself is not rooted). The only way to repair it is to root it and delete virus manually. Howewer, can't root because APPs don't work, cable doesn't connect to pc (it just doesn't see...
  5. loneblackbear

    Help AT & T Samsung Captivate i897 - 1101 - Injecting USB Debug?

    Hello, I've got a i897 that I'm to trying to get going, Ill just list what hardware I have and then what software I've got, and finally I'll post logs of my attempts and maybe someone can help me? AT & T Samsung Captivate i897 - revision 1101 Samsung branded data cable WinPC with USB 2.0 Odin...
  6. N

    Samsung captivate sgh i897

    I have a captivate sgh i897 At&t running froyo 2.2 how can i root it without the use of a pc so that i can use it in south africa
  7. W

    I want to get back to stock ROM but cant get to download mode? help

    I want to go back to stock, but Captivate wont enter Download Mode. I have tried every combination of button holds online. Is it possible I did something to disable it by rooting and such? I cant flash the stock ROM back on until I get into the download mode again. Is it soft bricked, or what...
  8. Manoj210891

    Root Samsung i897 Captivate Kitkat 4.4.2 Rom

    Samsung Captivate Features: In addition to the default compilation mode supports two modes of Dalvik, also supports ART mode RAM optimize new icon, lock screen , start the animation and color scheme of new and smart dialing Caller Download NOW COLOR="Red"]Warning -[/COLOR]- I AM NOT...
  9. Manoj210891

    Root Samsung i897 Captivate 4.4.4 Kitkat Rom

    Samsung i897 Captivate Features: CM11 based on the latest Android 4.4.4 Kitkat. Rewritten Brush Script to support lower version Recovery Brush. join Xposed framework while adding (GravityBox) gravity toolbox. call to join native attribution display; input method using the latest...
  10. D

    Captivate WiFi download problems without a SIM?

    I'm looking to use my old Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) to download pictures and video from SD cards via a USB. I need to install some apps to the phone to use it this way. I don't have a SIM chip (cellular service) in the phone. When connecting via WiFi I'm able to get to Google Play, however...
  11. M

    Root Different Rom

    Hi Everyone, I have an old AT&T Captivate that I have been using to play Kabam's Kingdoms of Middle Earth. It no longer serves any other purpose than to play this game. As with any technology and software, Kabam has upgraded while my Captivate has not. A few versions of KOM back, I was...
  12. B

    Root Ringtone will not copy into System Ringtone folder.

    I have several MP3 ringtones that I downloaded on my sd card and then with RomToolBox copied and pasted them in the System Ringtones. The ringtones work off my sd card but will not hold as a saved ringtone for a contact; at some point, the ringtones "Defaults" back. All the other ringtones were...
  13. arnandtara

    Root root 2.2 with CWM???

    Just got a captivate and want to root and install a rom. Can anyone tell me what to do? I see root fir 2.3 but im on 2.2
  14. G

    Keyboard Help!!!

    Over the last 2 months my Samsung keyboard stops working at random times. I have to completely restart the phone for the keyboard to work. I have tried using other app keyboards, but the same issue continues to happen. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  15. M

    Dropped, broke... any hope of recovering files?

    Dropped my Captivate and the screens done. Would like to get some pics that for whatever reason didn't make it on my external card off if possible. When I plug it into my pc the drive will show up for a second but before I can get my mouse pointer to it it disconnects... Any ideas or is it a...
  16. Rarewolf

    Root Lag fixed my {GB 2.3.5 stock} phone - Samsung captivate

    so i was searching and searching. finally got my phone fixed from this drastic lag. the development is dead on this phone but im still here. I made a log of what i did to make my phone faster. Started on 3/21/14 Days without incident: 0 Extra tweaks to phone: 0 Debloated apps: 0 Customizations...
  17. Rarewolf

    Root the phone keeps crashing?

    I try and run Apps and have gotten a pop up about a shell. Then the game crashes. And the phone crashes. I can't press home or the back button as it gets stuck on the screen. any ideas what could be causing this? and also any ideas of how to speed up the phone?.. deleted all att Apps and more...
  18. Rarewolf

    Root new to the captivate.

    So i have a unique situation. I just recieved this phone asa gift/throw away/give away. I am planning on using it as a tablet and not much more. Its recently gotten a factory reset. That was minutes ago. Now i want to root it. Heres my questions. 1. Do i need a custom recovery already...
  19. B

    Root Battery life on CM 10.2.1

    Has anyone else noticed a good drain on power? Seems like I can't make it through a full day on single charge. Turned off active notifications on everything I could find. Probly just the trade off for a new OS and old phone? Or are there any kernel's I could look into to help the issue? Thanks:)
  20. B

    Root First time rooted, some important (to me) questions

    So I just rooted my i897 with 2.3.5 mostly to remove bloat and put in the lagfix (which after reading more isnt the best idea). Trying to get the most from a daily use phone. The guide in this section made it so easy. Wish every instruction I read was that concise. Since I wont make it run a...
  21. B

    Help Unlocked Captivate reset

    Well, after having this phone for over three years, I decided to retire my Samsung Captivate. It has been a fairly trustworthy phone, but has recently shown signs of age. Here is my question: what should I do to the phone before I decide to give it to someone? It is unlocked and rooted. Should I...
  22. S

    No sound coming out of my phone

    I can't trace back exactly what seems to have caused this to happen on my captivate, but I was on hold and I put my phone on speaker, but I couldn't hear anything when I did that. So I turned speaker off and I could hear the music again. After hanging up the call though, I'm unable to get any...
  23. G

    Help stuck recent

    When launching the messenging app and selecting new.message and then recent, a recipient appears that is marked not saved. It is not in any contact list and I can not delete it by clearing any logs etc. Any help getttting rid of this orphan.
  24. B

    where's my Google search box ??

    Through some confusion, I accidentally discarded my Google search box on my Home screen. Can some be so kind as tell me where to look to put it back again. thanks:confused:
  25. C

    After 2.3.5

    Ok im getting a used Cappy in a couple of days never rooted and on 2.1. I will use Kies to update and after that Odin and corn kernel. Do i need GB bootloaders? Do i do this with Odin as well? And how to do that. Also i want to end up with Cyano 11 and kk gapps. What would be the easiest way to...