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Help Accelerometer Issues

Hey Guys, I've been having some issues with my Htc Incredible S' accelerometer.

When I have the phone in portrait ( | ) then switch to landscape ( - ) then switch back to portrait it doesn't go back, it stays in landscape.

I've done almost everything possible to try fix this, I've:

- Calibrated it multiple times;
- Factory Reset the phone;
- Cleared all data and defaults of HTC SENSE;
- Restarted/Switched of the phone;
- Turned Auto-Rotate off, then back on;

Im not sure if it's because a software issue or my phone is just faulty. Everything else is working perfectly. Have had the phone about 4 months.

Has this happened to anyone before? And what did you do about it.


Phone: Htc Incredible S
Sense Version: 3.0
Android Version: 2.3.5

Thank's guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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