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Accessing My Evo's internal memory?


Mar 12, 2013
Hello guys I am using Astro to browse my internal phone memory in hopes of finding the gamedata.txt of temple run 2 that I was saving up with while I did not have an sd card installed. Now I can only access that game save when the sd card is not in my phone, is there anyway I can find that file I am having so much difficulty trying to find it so I can move it to the sd card. Please help guys.
thanks looks like a good app, but it looks like i need root access to get to the files in the folder data. which is where i suspect the game save is at. I looked up how to root my phone, but i believe it involves a "reflash" not sure what It means but i know my sprint phone is "flashed" to boost mobile, will rooting my evo with a program like unrevoked disconnect me from me service? and im pretty sure it wont reset my data right?
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