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Actual arrival dates for backordered DI


May 14, 2010
There are a couple other threads about all the back ordered incredibles and speculation on when they will actual ship. Thought it would make sense to start tracking when they actually arrive.

So please post the date yours ACTUALLY shows up for those that ordered May 8th or later (those earlier orders had less back order issues).

Only post if your ordered through vzw (not bb or walmart). Trying to establish the timeline once thy start showing up to help the rest of us predict arrival dates for orders after the 8th.

Again no "I think it will be here on xxxxx" posts.
Why do we need a new thread for that?

People are doing exactly what you are asking for in the thread you apparently saw here.


Agreed. That's exactly what I created that thread for and it started the same way as this one. Now there's two threads of the exact same thing. People are starting to get shipping notifications so they are posting their estimated delivery dates in the thread above.
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