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adchoice from NY times on Note8


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Apr 8, 2023

The New York Times recently started using AdChoice ads on their app. I am a paying subscriber. Originally they said the ads would be temporary but they're now decided to keep using them. Most of them, ast least in the beginning were about Amazon.

I have a Note 8 which I do not use as a phone. I use it as a "back up" computer.

I do not have a lot of apps and I also have Norton. I have no malware or other problems with this device.

I have written back and forth with customer service at the Times, to no avail.

Is there a way that I can block, get rid of these ads on my Note 8? I have gone into that opt out data base which goes through all the various advertisers but I've never found that to work in the long run. I have "do not track" turned on, it was turned off before the ads started running.

These adchoice ads are now showing up more, I think on other sites as well. I think it's more. Could the Times be cross "contaminating" my phone?

Thank you in advance.
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I'm using the NYT app. I pay for the paper.

I read the reviews of some of the adblocks. They weren't very good, for the browser. I'll look again

I have friends with androids and they say they don't get bombarded with ads and that's without using an adblock.
How can that be? And they go on youtube a lot.
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I'm using the nytimes app but i would be very interested in a good adblock for chrome.

Is there one you recommend? I was reading some of the reviews and they're not very good.

If i am using a specific app like textfree or Duolingo, both for free, will that cause more ads to appear more in the chrome browser?

I would think not since they are apps. There are quite a lot of ads here for example,
from AdChoice, and i went through all the opt outs so obviously that doesn't work.
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On both my windows computer and my android devices I use Adguard Ad blocker, which eliminates all ads no matter if you use a browser or an app.
Used it for years and never a problem.
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thank you. ii will look into it.Some of the reviews says it blocks everything including searches. overblocks in other words.

.do you know how i can sign out of my google account on the android.

I have looked and read and looked and the sign out option is gone.

it used to be there. This is crazy.
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