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Help adding contact after phone call?


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Oct 28, 2009
after a phone call to or from an unknown number you have the option to add contact. i added it. it asked me what account. i entered all the info for contact. it is not there. under call log it now shows contacts name instead of just number, but it is not in my contacts on phone or gmail contacts. WTF?

also, if you add a contact to a group, it takes it out of the (all) group? i opened up my wifes contact, whos name is preceded by the letter A so she is always first. i opened and edited her contact to add her to my favorites group. now it is not under ALL?

TIA for any info.
I enter them under my google account when asked. That way they are backed up is I loose them from a reformat on the phone.
You may have assigned them to the phone contacts instead. Goto People>Menu>View You will see how many contacts are in each category.

Is there a way to change a contact from one group to the other (eg phone to google) without re-entering it? Other than having the google ones backed up is there any advantage of one over the other?
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