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Adding files to SD card

Hi all, I'd like to start getting my music and pictures etc on my Wildfire. I've got an 8gb micrso-SD card. Question is how does the phone read the card? Do I have to set up folders on the card such as Music, Photos, Videos etc or do I just pile all my files on the card and the phone then sorts out what's what?

Many thanks.
Cool thanks for thr reply. Just a music folder then, no need for photos or videos folder too?

The Phone will scan your SD card and and find all media and display them in the relative apps, no matter where they are. But Yes, a Music Folder, videos Folder and Pictures folder is probably the tidiest solution.
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hi, I've got music folders, but winamp or other applications do not let me open this folder. They always refer to albums or song files. I like to have a shortcut to my music folder on the home screen and that opens the player and plays the folder. Any help?
Check out MortPlayer. It's folder based, free, and about a zillion times better than Winamp.

I love Winamp on PC but I hate the Android app.
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