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Help Adding music from Macbook?


May 3, 2010
How do I add music from a macbook to where it is put under the music folder? For my folder options when I take the sd card out and put it in the usb thingy to put in the usb drive, I have

1. albumthumbs
2. android
4. download
6. media (which has my pictures in it)
7. rosie_scroll

I have figured out how to put different sounds on it for my notifications and ringtones, but stumped on how to put songs on it to where they show up under the music folder. Again, this is from a macbook to the incredible.
I usually connect the phone directly to my Macbook and use the MP3 folder thats built into the phones memory. Haven't tried to put music on the expansion card yet. Just be careful; certain micro-usb to usb cables only let you charge the phone and don't let you access the phones memory . It drove me crazy for days ! Almost returned phone until I tried the cable that came with my external hard drive and that one finally worked.

Good Luck
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I'm glad you have gotten to see the directory structure on the Macbook. I connected mine via USB to my iMac and the two volumes mounted, but would not open in Finder. I'll try it again tonight, would like to be able to use it as a music player as well as other functions.

When I connected it via USB, I had two options, but didn't know what to pick to drop music in. I'm going to do a little more investigating as well.
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