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Help ADW launcher


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Oct 15, 2010
I installed ADW launcher this afternoon but didn't have time to set it up so chose to always use TW.
A message came up telling me how to change which launcher I use if I wanted to, but I can't for the life of me remember what it said.
Any help or advice would be appreciated folks.
Thax for the help folks:p
Seriously though, couldn't figure it out so installed a home switcher and it's fine now.
Have found out a few things about the sgs though in the process.
I think the lag and glitch problems might be related to TWL rather than Android itself.
Since switching launcher my sgs has been significantly quicker and smoother.
I also had a problem with Aldiko reader where it would keep closing the book every time I closed the app meaning I had to go to the library and open the book every time I wanted to read, not the end of the world but a PITA none the less.
Since using ADW this has stopped. The book is always open now every time I start the app.
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