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Root after all this time rooted- i've f***ed it up!!


Jun 2, 2011
hi guys, its been a while since i been on here.. but after the great help i received last time- i feel this board is my only hope...

So i got fed up with having LeeDroid 3.3.3 - so i changed to a different ROM,
i done a full wipe, phone rebooted fine- but i had no numbers and no dial function (these were missing from menu's) and i had no signal.

so i went back into recovery menu and tried to re-root using the old Leedroid, but now all i get is my 3 carrier page when the phone is switched on , and thats it!.

have i bricked it? any help as always appreciated. many thanks.

nm, i searched the forum and found a thread that fixed my phone..


i knew there was a way into the clockwork rec menu, but couldnt remember... yet once again El Presidente comes up with the answer!! brilliant work and thanks a bunch..

*now just to get rid of my branded laoding screen ;(


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