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Help After update bluetooth doesnt work!!


Apr 20, 2012
Hi Guys,

So the other night i updated my software to 4.0.3 Kernel: 3.0.15-19100XWLP8-CL356487dpi@DELL173#3

and I went to use my bluetooth this morning to connect with the computer but the computer just says "no services available" after trying to copy. So after spending an hour or so trying to fix the bluetooth on my computer and failing then tried to get my brother to send me something on bluetooth on my phone and it didnt work and then i tried to send him something but when i click scan for devices it just doesnt do anything.

Also after the update i noticed when i go into a message sometimes it doesnt come up with the predicitive text and i have to go out and back in to make it come up.

I'm not appreciating this update at all.
Any help would be appreciated thank you :)
here's my way to fix BT problem :-
1st) switch off your device(not restart) for 1 minute and start.
if this does't solve then (2nd) try to reset your phone to factory this will work if no then download latest ICS firmware and flash it , and if those does't solve your problem then move back to GB version !
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So suddenly my phone started working again, but now i can receive files through bluetooth and connect in the car using bluetooth but i cant send any files at all. and now my computer is doing the same thing, could this be connected in some way???
Also any chance of getting a link to those firmware updates?

I am so over this.

Thanks everyone :)
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