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After Update


Jun 25, 2023
Hello Everyone,

I have just joined the forum and if I make any errors, please forgive me!

I am using a Galaxy A13, and following an update yesterday, I am left with an un-removable notice on an orange background saying - "Complete your OS upgrade?" click here to get started.

I actually clicked it and found a list of Apps that I do not want, Now I am unable to delete this message which "hangs around" on my notification locafion alongside my clock printout at the top left of my screen.

I have tried re-starting the device, but it still appears.

I am not very competent with technical matters, and also, being well past my sell-by date, I would be grateful if any answers and advice would be be in "simple" terms!


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IS this a Verizon variant? That sounds a lot like the 'Verizon App Manager' that 'recommends' bloatware apps they think you'll like and you have no way to tell it to frell off.

However, there's a one-time paid app called Buzzkill that can get rid of its persistent notification. Or any persistant notifications you can't swipe away (I hate Android's cluttered status bar and use this app to make it clean)

Search for Buzzkill in the Play Store, and once installed, it is as simple as tapping which app you hate (in this case perhaps Verizon App Manager) and then tapping where it shows clickable text 'do nothing' and then selecting 'dismiss' as the action and then tap save. Then you'll never hear or see it again.

To initially get past the full-screen annoyance, just uncheck each app it selects or tap 'skip' and go about your day.
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