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Alarm clock only vibrates now, won't play any sound.


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Nov 16, 2009
Using the default alarm clock, this morning i noticed my alarm was only vibrating and is no longer playing any sound. Has anyone else had this problem? I have the volume on all other applications turned up, not sure why this is suddenly doing this.
I constantly kill all of my apps including my calendar and alarm clock. I have not had any issue with my alarm. As the previous posters said, you can change the volume by using the volume rockers when selecting your specific sounds.

There are multiple threads that have been made on Alarm issue, it would be nice if they could be merged to keep everything together.
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go to the screen that you use to set your alarm clock. then click on the ringtone you are going to use. it will bring up a menu of different sounds. on that menu, use the volume rocker to adjust the volume of the alarm.
Ditto! Thanks itsglorious that fixed it for me. Although I had ensured my Media volume was turned up, there is a separate volume control for Alaram and from what I can tell can only be adjusted when you are selecting the Alaram Ringtone.
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