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Alarm Issue (Different then other problems)


Dec 17, 2009
Ok I have looked into this and read other peoples problems with the alarm and this is different. Mine is not an issue with the ringer I set that, no instead my issue is that the default clock does not set itself all the time. Meaning I will put my phone to sleep at like 7:45 and when I turn it on again around like 10, the clock will still say 7:45 and thus will miss my alarm if it was at 9:00. This problem has only happened since the update, does anybody know what I can do to fix this. This is my first post and I am coming to you guys for help. Thanks
The little clock in the top is right but the big one from the HTC widget is not. I use the widget with the weather on the bottom and it still is trying to catch up. I hesitate to download an alarm clock mainly cause it should work already and it used to, only recently has it not been working. I tried what you guys are saying and have been resetting the alarm throughout the day to make sure it still works but am still having the problem. Thanks for the suggestions, anybody else have any thoughts?
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I have seen the clock take a few seconds to refresh right when I wake the phone up. My phone actually has a different issue with the alarm; sometimes when I click on the alarms, they are all gone. If I try to add a new one in or delete one they are there again... This is a pain since one night I didn't check to see if they were showing in the list and no alarm went off in the morning... I have seen this happen a few times now...
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