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Alcatel 3x 4cam(5061k) root or stock rom


May 26, 2021
I am trying to root my Alcatel 3x 4cam (5061k)
Can not use OEM unlock because activate switch in developer options don't do anything. When I go to bootloader and type
fastboot flashing unlock say it's lock like I never activate the switch

I found another way of mod the firmware but need the stock room. No matter the version. Only need it for the preloader file for sp flash tool or another way to unlock bootloader
why do you want to root your device? there is no development ccommunity to support your phone. no developers means that you will not have custom roms, kernels or recovery which should be the main reason why you want to root......especially recovery. if you do not have a custom recovery, i would think twice if you plan to root just to delete bloatware. if you delete the wrong thing you could soft brick your phone.

......just saying.

and as far as firmware, i did find this:http://gofirmware.com/post/tct-alcatel-3x-milan-5061k but i have no idea how legit it is......so use at your discretion.
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