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alcatel 5041c lockscreen

is there any software out there or any method i can use to bypass the lock screen on this phone or somehow recover my data? i havent used this phone since 2018.
i already tried multiple softwares all of which were only for samung yet say "all phones" in the advertising
theres gotta be a way. i dont care for the phone, i need whats on it. people hack things all the time, and it was created by man sooooo there has to be a way.im not new to scripting. is there any way i can hack into it with scripts?
unfortunately, trying to bypass frp or the lockscreen is frowned upon on this forum.......sorry
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thats kind of stupid but alright. i just want pictures of my son before he passed

Well there's certainly no easy bypass, and it maybe impossible to bypass. Because if a lock-screen could be bypassed, there would be no point in having it.

Maybe try enquiring with a company that specialises in forensic data recovery? Which is the sort of thing that law enforcement or the feds might use to try and recover evidence data from criminals' locked devices.
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thats kind of stupid but alright. i just want pictures of my son before he passed
i'm sorry for your loss.

its not really. i'm not saying that you have bad intentions, but it would be the equivalent of us showing a thief how to steal data on a phone and guiding them thru the steps.

the only way to unlock the phone, if you do not have the codes or passwords, is to do a hard reset. and by doing that you will erase all of the data on the phone. your only hope is that the phone has an sd card and the photos have been saved there. if not then you might be sol........sorry
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