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Alcatel Venture Source Code


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Oct 11, 2012
Humboldt County, CA
hey, i was wondering if someone a little more knowledgeable with source code could see if this would be our correct source. i did some digging, and it seems that the VM Venture is the exact same phone as the Alcatel OT 909B, just for US Cellular instead of VM. there is a very small difference in the positioning of the top row buttons, but that was the ONLY thing i found different between the 2. every single specification ive seen was the exact same as the Venture. also, Alcatel doesnt list the Venture as one of their products on their website, so ONE of those other phones on their site HAS to b the Venture in disguise! ;-) anyway, im starting to study up on source, so im a total n00b to it at the moment, but i figured the best way to start would be to actually find our source first! would it matter if the phone was used on a different carrier like that? i wouldnt think that would affect the source, but wanna be sure. if the link i posted in this thread ISNT our source, would it at least be a close enough platform to get something started on it? thanks guys!

Download alcatel from SourceForge.net
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finally figured out what was trippin me up on setting up a build environment. doing a bunch of downloading right now and then hopefully running my first build tomorrow! ;-) i guess i will find out first-hand if gingerbread will compile on my 32bit! ive read a lot of info saying "yes", and the same amount saying no... so id say ive got a 50/50 shot! lol! but now that i have the knowledge i need to build, if it fails on my machine, i might take u up on a remote session, although u would need to be running some form of ubuntu first. also, there would be a LOT of downloading and a LOT of building time, so ur computer would prob b tied up for somewhere around 12 hours total im guessing. hopefully it just builds on my machine with no issues!
also, ive been diving head-first into all of the coding of the source, just out of pure curiousity and hunger to learn about the system. i stumbled across some things in the source that make me believe that this IS our source (fingers still crossed tho, haha). as im sure most of u are already aware of, i had a HELL of a time getting the splash screen figured out to produce an undistorted custom splash. in a nutshell, the solution was to take our resolution (240x320), and tack on an extra 16 pixels to the width making it 256x320. any other way would produce a distorted splash. so, my understanding is that (and plz, anyone who knows a lot about FB's, correct me if i am mistaken...) the framebuffer used at boot (fb0) takes a raw file, converts it to rgb565 rle file format, and pushes it to the framebuffer at double its original size (240x320 would render to 480x640). so, with that in mind.... take my modified working width of 256, and subtract the stock screen width of 240, and u are left with a remainder of 16 pixels. so, since the FB multiplies the input image by 2, that remainder of 16 pixels now becomes 32. now, take a look at this note that i found while digging around in the coding of the framebuffer:

/* The adreno GPU hardware requires that the pitch be aligned to 32 pixels for color buffers, so for the cases where the GPU is writing directly to fb0, the framebuffer pitch also needs to be 32 pixel aligned */

hmmmm.... sounds pretty similar to me! so, im thinking that since the splash issue seemed to be a very uncommon problem, the fact that i found that note within the source of the FB leads me to believe that this source should work for us. like ive mentioned before, im new to this process, so i dont wanna set any of this info in stone til i have a working build from source, but id say its lookin pretty good, y'all!

***also, if anyone else has any input on the subject of source, custom kernels, porting, etc... please open up dialouge within this thread! id love to see this thread turn into a huge dev project for the Venture! any relative information is welcome guys!!***
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