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Help All gameloft games not supported


Dec 30, 2011
Hello I have a GT-I9100P (Orange) with a 2.3.4 gingerbread official (not rooted , no cyanogen) and every single gameloft game does not work , when i launch either modern combat or nova or 9mm or asphalt any game from gameloft it says that my device is not supported , and i dont know what to do.
i dont know its an UK ORANGE edition , this model is NFC enabled. The P is on the manual , on the phone and on the box . I just recently got it so i dont know much myself. I have heard about the model that cant run asphalt but this one cant run any gameloft game , all other games run fine.
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Looks like Gameloft have not added that device, your best bet is to search for the Galaxy S ii/Mali sd data for the games online and copy it onto the phone manually.

If there are no other hardware changes other than NFC this should work.

Otherwise you have to wait for the Gameloft to add support which might take a long time knowing them.

Sorry can't provide links due to site rules.
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i have tried placing data on the phone actually i downloaded it place it in the correct folders , but when i launch it the game always says it needs WIFI to check the files , if i cancel the check the game closes if i accept the check i get a message that the device is not supported. I dont know how to avoid this online file checking.
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