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Help All SD Card Data Missing


May 20, 2011
All of my SD card data seems to be missing. But When I plugged the phone into the laptop via USB, it still showed "3.75GB used". That's roughly the size of the videos and music I've previously loaded. If my media is still in the SD card, then where is it.?

All the folders are missing. There used to be over 20 folders in the root directory of my SD card, now there are only 7 (.android_secure, .doubleTwist, Android, DCIM, layar, LOST.DIR, mp3download)

DCIM used to contain my photos, now it's completely empty. I also used to have folders "Music", "Videos", etc. They're all missing.

Additional information, if it helps: My phone hung for the first time, and restarted immediately, a couple of hours ago. I installed Norton Antivirus, and it started automatically scanning just a while ago.
hey...thanks for the reply.

but i think i figured out what (most likely) happened. Think I may have clicked on the "wipe all personal data" accidentally, and the computer just took some time to update the "4.15GB free" back to it's current "7.45GB free".

Guess i'll have to reload all my media. Thankfully, I have most of it backed up on my computer. Thanks for the help anyway.. :)
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