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Accessories Aluminium case for HTC INCREDIBLE?

I saw it in silvertone on Ebay or Amazon (sorry, can't remember which) a couple days ago. Presumably there is foam inside for shock protection. Seems like it would create a reception problem - I always assumed that was why I was no longer seeing ads for aluminum cases like the Innopocket ones I used to use on my (non-phone) PalmOS PDAs. One reason, anyway - we don't really need a hinged screen cover any more, which helps open up the choice of materials to more than leather and aluminum and might also have contributed to the decline of the aluminum case.
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I had a similar case on my Eris and actually liked it (although it was a dark blue ) it didn't have much for foam on the inside in fact I don't think it had any but what I liked about it was it just protected the back and corners because I think a lot o fcases get in the way of the screen slightly that case did not
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