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Root An experience regarding oc kernels, a custom ROM & a doubt


Feb 28, 2012
Hi all... so i've been using and abusing my wfs for some time now ;) thanks to the excellent rooting guide here; wanted to overclock the processor, so i flashed dust v9 kernel.

The stable overclock @815mhz was great, i had a highly noticeable change in the amount of time it took to do various things, however, a very irritating bug was that the keyboard wouldn't register my input if i typed fast (which i normally do). I changed to cake (v1.4 i think) kernel; the keyboard problem was still present albeit at a slightly reduced level. I would like to mention it wasn't like this with the original kernel.

Frustrated and unwilling to move back to the original kernel (because of no oc) i flashed the unofficial cm9.

I was happy, until, however, after some days the novelty of running ics on this humble hardware ran out and what i have with me now is a device with various little bugs... lack of hardware acceleration in HQ videos.. reduced internal memory compared to stock...and an oc to 806mhz which is practically unnoticeable with this ROM somehow.

As much as i love Apex pro and the UI as a whole.. with all the appreciation for the hard work that has gone into making this ROM i just want to switch back to the stock ROM and kernel.

(I listed the above experience for finding whether this typing bug exists for others as much as for helping others making the decision to switch ROMs on this cell :))

Going back to stock with dust would be horrible with the typing issue, going back to stock with stock kernel would probably be the best way out for me.

Now for my doubt <sigh of relief from the reader ;)>;

I have nandroids from all along the way however i do not have the one from immediately before i changed to dust from stock kernel. I do not want to go the RUU way; what i can do though, is first flash to the dust or cake nandroid and then restore the stock kernel through another previous nandroid.

Searched around and i found one or two posts suggesting to select advanced restore and restore boot image only.

Is this the correct and safe way to go about it?

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank you for your patience. :)


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