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android 13 and new media player on pixel 4


Dec 7, 2015
after installing the new ota android 13 all seemed okay until I went to the yt music app upon opening it I saw the same old player options as I had in android 12 with fast forward/back with long line in between them and so on but nary a sign of the new android 13 media player.
after a few days of searching online and finding no help I came here now in quick settings from pull down at top of phone nowhere is there a toggle for media/devices is this normal as according to online search one is supposed to be there?
but finally, I had a thought, so I opened the yt app then minimized it and noticed a round ever so slight glow at top area where notifications are so pulled it down and there was the new player controls squiggly line and all but a small version at best. so, my question is this what you are getting as well? as I thought this new player was supposed to be within both YouTube and the yt music apps on the pixel 4 hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me.
now I did see a tab in quick settings for device/controls but am assuming this is for controlling home items as in turn lights on and so and it has a place you can click on to add a device am I thinking correctly here.
I wish google would extend the support on this phone it has had a few moments but nothing that a factory reset wasn't able to fix according to internet pixel 4 is as good as a pixel 6 chip wise and some features if true that would be amazing thank you for any clarity on this issue and I am not one that knows how to side load or flash much less know how to re install a new android 13 OS if that's what is needed to cure this issue of mine
I have a new issue with the media player if I go to podcast the player will show in drop down from top but using the YouTube or yt music apps it does not show up in the drop down window for quick settings now the only difference from when it was working is I had the free trial of yt music and it expired I did notice in the podcast when the media player showed up in that drop down window if I held finger on player it gave me option to cancel or hide it if by accident I clicked on hide player is that possibly why it no longer shows up when using the yt music app? and if so how do I get it back? I have looked in media player settings only 2 features show pin to show and show recommended items but no where do I find to re add it to yt music for me they should have just put this feature in the yt music app and allow to minimize the app and then allow it to be in that drop down window from the top anyways hopefully someone here has the answer on this
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