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Help Android 13 - slow response?

On my new Pixel 7 Pro, which is rooted (just so that I can run AdAway and Nova Settings), the phone seems a bit slow to accept app input when I launch various apps. Two specific examples:
  1. When I launch Enjoy Sudoku, which comes right up, when I tap 'Another Difficult' right away nothing happens. If I tap is again, again nothing happens. When I tap it the third time, the game starts. Also, if once the program launched, I do nothing for a couple of seconds and then tap 'Another Difficult', the game starts.
  2. When I launch Shortyz, which comes right up, and try scrolling down to an unplayed crossword, nothing happens. The second swipe attempt works as does waiting a few seconds.
So, my question is simply this: Is there some setting I can adjust to make this time lag go away?


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