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Android 2.2 - What's new

This was the same guy who said that the update was coming in days, not weeks, in early April, right?

Yes.. and that it was done on March 26th, which it was.

His mistake was over estimating the expediency of the Verizon techs as they were combing through the newly developed 2.1 in preparation for the OTA.

I spoke with him again, I remember it was right after the April 15th tax deadline, and we were joking around about taxes, etc. But I brought up his previous remarks, and he said, "We were primed and ready; it was about to fly, probably about 4 days after our conversation, then I started hearing about compatibility issues."

I asked what he meant by that and he began to talk about the Desire, but we were interrupted by a customer, so I just took off.
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Considering the new features: at least 2x speed increase, apps2sd like feature built in, tethering, better exchange support, and of course full flash support. That alone would make ANY eris owner go mad with desire for an official update from Verizon and HTC. We can only HOPE they will consider it, even though eris's will no longer be distributed to the stores by the end of the month. Those features alone would make me seriously consider holding onto my Eris longer than 2 years. Heck besides a few updates here and there i don't plan on replacing my laptop anytime soon. Why can't a smartphone be similiar in that regard?
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I think this is a legitimate thread. So what if people have 2.1 running well, what's wrong with looking at potential future updates? As long as it doesn't turn into crazed expectations, but nothing has been "promised" yet, so we should be good, right?

In any case, I saw "Voice dialing over Bluetooth," and my interest piqued. I don't use BT a lot, but I would really like this phone/OS to do something the majority of dumbphones with BT could do just fine.
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.. besides a few updates here and there i don't plan on replacing my laptop anytime soon. Why can't a smartphone be similiar in that regard?

I sure agree with that. It's becoming obvious that smart phones are being marketed as almost dispensable items needing replacement a couple of times per year.

This goes against my grain, as I like to get a quality object and keep it for quite a while, as long as it is not truly out dated to the point of being defective.
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If the bleeding edge scares you, I think you might be hanging out in the wrong place.

lmao.. stuff like ".. if (fill in the blank) scares you, you may be hanging out in the wrong place.." is fun to say, isn't it. ;)

It implies that the person saying it is more evolved, higher, up there and the person they are saying it to is primitive, lower and (low sax or tuba whole notes) d o w n t h e r e.

"Bleeding edge" is fine; it's what we've all got at some time or other.
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In the "Improved Performance" section are bits that "Scott," the Verizon rep I met at Best Buy, was telling me were going to be in the 2.1 OTA.

Since they showed up in Froyo, it's entirely possible that HTC and/or Verizon developed the changes with their version of 2.1 and contributed them back to the baseline. Changes in this OS don't originate exclusively with Google.

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I seem to recall reading somewhere that 2.2 is Googles attempt at getting everyone running Droid on the same page similar to iPhones. can't quite recall where I read that but it was rather recent.

So if thats truly the case, it stands to reason we'll be getting it as well? Oh joy, another round of an update breaking stuff!
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My eris was made in 2010 (Bought it in February) and I called HTC, provided my serial number and was able to be told what date me phone was made (January 12th, 2010) so does that mean I'm eligible?

I think it means released in 2010, not built in 2010. That wouldn't make any sense that an Eris built in 2010 would get 2.2, but one built in 2009 wouldn't.
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