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Help Android 2.3 battery issues


Aug 21, 2011
I flashed my P500h with an official update for GB V20g and everything is fine until i checked the battery life; it's only been 2.5 hours and I've lost more than 15% of the battery life, I barely even used the wifi at all and left it to standby most of the time. When I was still on 2.2.1, the battery was only 40% after 16 hours and with moderate wifi usage

heres the usage:

cell standby: 39%
phone idle: 22%
voice calls: 7%
I have a very bad battery problem issue in my mobile.... i start using the mobile continuously for four hours and the battery drains so rapidly..... from 100%, it goes down to 10%.... plsss help....

Many said tht their p500 battery runs for early 2 days.... but my battery cant even run for half a day.....

and yeah, mine ran for about 2 days from moderate wifi usage. but now i'm not sure if it could anymore, I'll see how it goes T_T
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I had the LG P500 mobile with android 2.2 installed. The Battery lasted 2-3 days (with bluetooth on).
I recently installed Oxygen ROM 2.3.2 with baseband V07u-000-000-ΜΑΡ-23-2009 (V20G).
Battery now lasts far less than a day if I have bluetooth on (for hands-free).
If I turn the bluetooth off, battery lasts 2-3 days.
Does anybody have the same problem? (or a solution...)
Thanks in advance
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